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PWNA Annual Convention

Elevate your skills with our in-person training and certifications. Learn the latest techniques, safety practices, and industry standards through hands-on training sessions.

Attend the PowerClean® Convention to network with industry professionals, participate in the trade show, and discover the latest innovations in the field. Benefit from expert-led sessions and invaluable networking opportunities.

Your Wild Apricot site

Wild Apricot is web-based software for small associations and non-profits to help manage membership, website, events and other activities.

Our reviews page has the complete scores and feedback from our customer survey, and you can find even more reviews on LinkedIn and Capterra. As you'll see, most people have a lot of great things to say about how Wild Apricot has helped them run their organization more effectively.

Tinted tiles theme set

The Tinted tiles theme set was based on a modern flat design trend. The look of the theme can be customized by simply choosing different spacing for gadgets and selecting background colors that are best fit for your association. Taking colors from your association logotype is in most cases the right way to go. 

The Tinted tiles theme set also introduces animation within system pages. You can find animated control panels on blog and forum pages for example.  

Donation goal

Here you can place a brief description of your fundraising campaign. You can add the description within the donation goal gadget settings. There, you can also select a different style for your gadget to better fit your page design. The donation goal gadget does not have its own background setting, but you can set the background for the layout in which the gadget has been placed.
Goal: $100.00
Collected: $0.00

Background image for your gadgets

While the flat design of this theme set does not encourage using images as backgrounds, that shouldn't stop you. Use your best judgement to decide whether to use background images.

Margins, grids and typography

Any good looking site must have some kind of system to make it look consistent across all pages and within pages themselves. With this theme you can use all kinds of grids to make that happen. You can use a 10px grid so all your margins and padding will be a multiple of 10. Or you can use any other grid, but once you've chosen your multiplier, we advise you stick to it. 

In our case, we use 10px as layout and gadget spacing, and 40px as side padding for the gadgets themselves

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events

light and dark backgrounds

Gadgets are building blocks of Wild Apricot site pages. Each page consists of one or more gadgets arranged within page-specific layouts or theme-specific placeholders.

To help you set up your pages, this theme provides two theme styles for light and dark backgrounds. These styles have special typography that will make your gadget look good on the background of your choice.

Recent forum updates

Place for promo heading

Media gallery

You can add an animated slideshow to your Wild Apricot site, displaying one image after another from collection of images.