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PWNA Annual Convention

Elevate your skills with our in-person training and certifications. Learn the latest techniques, safety practices, and industry standards through hands-on training sessions.

Attend the PowerClean® Convention to network with industry professionals, participate in the trade show, and discover the latest innovations in the field. Benefit from expert-led sessions and invaluable networking opportunities.

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Gadgets page

This page shows theme-specific content. Here, we have inserted gadgets that use different theme-specific styles. Throughout the page, we have placed multi-column layouts into which the gadgets have been inserted. Using layouts, you can create complex and interesting page designs.

Check out our cool gadgets

  • Featured member gadget
  • Recent blog posts gadget
  • Forum updates gadget
  • Upcoming events gadget
  • Subscription gadget
  • Slideshow gadget
  • Donation goal gadget
  • and many more....

Content gadget

Within this content gadget, we have formatted text using text styles. This text, for example, uses the Quoted style.

The colors used for the foreground and background of the title area and the content area can be controlled by selecting a gadget style. The link below appears as a button. You can choose from a number of button styles when creating the link.

Sample link

Featured member gadget

Using this gadget, you can highlight your sponsors or partners, display your board of directors, or shine the spotlight on your volunteers or latest new members. The featured member gadget displays information about a particular member or a specified number of members, drawn randomly from a saved search or from selected membership levels.
Within its settings, you can specify a gadget title, choose the layout and style of the gadget, and select up to 3 fields to display for each member.

Featured member

Even more gadgets

The gadget on the right is an upcoming events gadget. On the left is a featured member gadget. You can change their appearance using the gadget settings. All three gadgets have been inserted into a three-column layout.

The link below can lead to another page on this or any other site. You can change the link style from the content editor.

Learn more

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events

Site search gadget

Using the site search gadget, visitors to your site can perform site-wide text searches. The searches can encompass site pages – including restricted and hidden pages (subject to your settings) – as well as blogs, forums, events, and member profiles.

For light background

For dark background

Add some styles

Below are gadgets that use different gadget styles. You can colorize each of three custom gadget styles from the Colors and Styles screen. You can set the background color or image for the title bar and context area, and change the color and font of the title and base text within the gadget.

The gadgets below have been placed in a three-column layout. The gadgets were dragged and dropped into the layout cells.


  • No upcoming events





Blog posts

New social profile gadget

In this theme we have a new social gadget setting. You can place your social profile gadget in any place within a placeholder, tick the “fix position” checkbox and you will see your social profile gadget stick outside the placeholder it was placed in. In mobile view you will see your social profile gadget stick to the inside of the same placeholder.

Add a pinch of dynamic content!

Slideshow gadgets are typically used in the header area or at the top of the page, but we added it here just to reward people who scroll this far :)  

Two column layout

This content gadget and the gadgets to the right appear in a two-column layout. For each layout, you can set a background color or image, and control column spacing and margins.  

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